Owners of Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. ~ Wild Strawberry Lodge in Sitka, AK

Joshua Badder

Joshua BadderJoshua Badder was born and raised in South Central Iowa. A small farming community of around 800 residents. Joshua grew up loving the outdoors, fishing, hunting and exploring every opportunity he had. Joining Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts at a young age was a perfect match and allowed Joshua to excel in his favorite outdoor hobbies.

By high school Joshua learned quickly his passion for the outdoors exceeded any passion for school or sporting programs. Once a legal driver at the age of 16 the activities were no longer limited and began to grow. Joshua enjoyed pheasant hunting, fishing, fur bearer trapping, turtle trapping just to name a few. Joshua earned the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 17. Graduating from Lamoni High School in 2005 Joshua enrolled in college with the plans of getting into forestry management / fish biology. College was a quick stop for Joshua, learning quickly that school wasn’t as fun as hunting and fishing. Joshua enrolled in Missouri Western State University law enforcement academy in winter of 2007 and graduated in May of 2008.

Once out of the academy Joshua was hired by the Dekalb County Missouri Sheriff’s Office. Joshua was a road Deputy for around two years. Right around this time is when Joshua started dating Meghan Dunagan who in less than a year became his wife. Joshua and Meghan were married in the summer of 2010 in Santa Cruz California. From there Joshua & Meghan moved back and forth from California to Missouri two times.

Joshua began his sales career in 2010 in Santa Cruz selling cars at Ocean Honda of Santa Cruz. Joshua excelled quickly in the automotive business. Building a career for himself and family. In 2014 Joshua and Meghan gave birth to a daughter and only child Riley Badder.

In 2017 Joshua & Meghan relocated to Kansas City Missouri to be closer to Joshua’s family and friends. This is when Joshua left the time demanding automotive business for a new career in heavy equipment sales. Joshua excelled quickly again, building a brand in the Missouri and Kansas markets selling SANY heavy equipment.

Joshua started taking his passion for fishing and hunting all over the world, taking yearly trips to Alaska. Hunting / Fishing in Africa, Canada & Brazil to name a few. It was in this time that it was clear to Joshua, he wanted to find a way to make his full-time job involved somehow with fishing / hunting. The vacations and weekends weren’t enough. This is when Joshua paired with his good friend and co-worker Justin Karleski. The two made a vow to buy a fishing operation in Alaska and began the search in 2022.

In the fall of 2023 Joshua & Justin came across a family-owned fishing charter / lodge in Sitka Alaska. “Wild Strawberry Lodge / Alaska Premier Charters” a gem in Southeast Alaska, operating in some of the best sportfishing waters in the world. Joshua & Justin purchased the lodge in late 2023 / early 2024 from the owner / founder Theresa Weiser.

Joshua & family are now making the big life transition to being lodge owners and splitting their time in Kansas City / Sitka. The story continues, but the passion has never changed. Joshua is looking forward to making memories and continuing the great tradition of Wild Strawberry Lodge.

See you all soon, let’s go fishing!

Johnny BelcherJohnny Belcher

Johnny Belcher has been one with the sea for as long as anyone can remember. Starting as a commercial diver at age 14, and eventually moving on to Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. in 1996, Johnny rarely seems to leave the water. Johnny was a commercial halibut long-liner for over 10 years, which has given him ample experience in the migration and distribution patterns of halibut. As an all-time winner of the McGyver award, and natural flair for good fishing stories and non-stop entertainment, fishing with Johnny is a unique experience.