Baitfish by the Box

It’s that time of year when we order our bait for the new fishing season. We recently received our shipment of herring – 200 cases of tray pack herring on five pallets came in on the barge from Washington. Since we don’t have room in our freezers at the lodge, we rent freezer space at the city cold storage.

Bait Storage for Alaska Premier Charters, Inc.

Our pallets of bait herring being stored up high in the cold storage

Does anyone know how many herring are in 200 cases of bait? Let’s do the math…Herring by the numbers:

12 herring per tray
35 trays per case
200 cases on 5 pallets
84,000 herring total!!!

Yes! You heard right! Here at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. we go through approximately 84,000 Herring in a single summer!

We have many expenses involved in our charter fishing trips, and bait is just one of the small costs. But that small 30 cents per herring sure adds up fast! Multiply that by the total number of herring and you get a number in the ballpark of $25,000! Imagine what the other costs might be: fuel, insurance, licensing, food, wages, boats, fishing gear, supplies, and the list goes on…

Don’t worry my friends; we will hook you up with all the bait you need on your fishing trip…we are well stocked!

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