Coast Guard Open House

Coast Guard TakeoffThe Sitka Coast Guard hosted their annual open house day on May 5th this year. The public was encouraged to come check out their facilities and even participate in equipment demonstrations.

As part of our own staff training at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. we took a break from the daily grind and loaded up the employees. With safety precautions in mind, we feel it is important to have our staff prepared on what to expect and do in the event of an emergency both in preparation and after the arrival of the Coast Guard.

Coast Guard DemonstrationOne of the primary water rescue tools is the metal basket that is lowered from a Coast Guard helicopter to remove people (typically) individually but can hoist up to 600lbs at once. These hoisting procedures were covered in detail and even some special members of the public got to take a ‘test ride’. Other topics included helicopter familiarization, rescue swimmer operations, boating safety, vessel safety regulations, and live hands-on demonstration of emergency bilge pumps.

An information booth was set up to promote general interest for the Coast Guard Auxiliary: A special volunteer branch of the United States Coast Guard. Free appetizers were also served at the Eagle’s Nest Club located on base.

Sitka, Alaska Coast Guard Open HouseCoast Guard Basket Kiana Belcher

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