First Fish of 2011

Full House Vessel of Alaska Premier Charters, Inc.

Some of the fishing crew here at Wild Strawberry Lodge went out on the ocean for the first fishing trip of 2011 today. They were all excited to go catch some salmon and halibut at five-thirty this morning and all pitched in preparing the Full House for a day on the water.

They made all the necessary safety checks and headed out towards the open ocean to see if they remembered how to hook a fish. It was an overcast day and the ocean was flat! A perfect day to take the Full House for a pre-season fun fishing excursion!

The reel action began when the fish started biting. First bites of the season came early; one missed bite then one King Salmon in the boat. A couple of halibut were next, then came another double on King Salmon! Being a short day, they finished up with some more halibut.

Something strange happened out there today. Jeff reeled in the first Coho of the season – A rare catch for the month of May! Cohos are normally not caught until mid-to-late June or later on in the season. Imagine the surprise on his face!

So the first non-charter trip was a success; eight Halibut, three King Salmon, one Yellow-Eye Rockfish, and the rarely-seen-this-early Coho. We are looking forward to many more successful fishing trips this summer with all of our guests.

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