Music on the Front Lawn

Fishing. It’s what brings us all together, how we meet new people, and renew old friendships.

Every group of clients we have here is different. Some are long-time anglers and have been coming to Alaska fishing for twenty years. They know all the ins and outs of mooching for salmon and soaking for halibut. They bounce out of bed at 4:30 a.m., ready to go, eat a hearty breakfast, and never get seasick. They can handle any weather conditions, so long as they are out on the boat with a rod in their hands.

Others that come are occasional anglers—they fish every once-in-awhile back home, and come up to Sitka every other year for some exciting salmon and halibut fishing. The more often they come back, the more likely they are to move up to the hard-core angling class just mentioned.

Finally, there are those people who have never fished before in their lives. For their very first fishing adventure, they come to where fishing is the very best—Sitka, Alaska! By studiously following all instructions, they avoid seasickness, catch their first king salmon, pull in a really nice halibut, limit out on rockfish, see all sorts of incredible sea life, and have an amazing time out on the ocean.

No matter what your other interests, or where you’re at in the experience category, you can engage anyone else at the lodge in a fishing story, since that is our common ground.

Alaska Premier Charters Fishing Boat

Everyone who comes fishing in Sitka will have exciting stories to tell!

Something unique happened the other night, however. We were able to share another interest with a group of clients—music.

One member of the group brought his guitar up here, hoping to play a few tunes during his down-time in the evening. Our client coordinator, an avid musician herself, was excited to play with him, and managed to borrow an upright bass from a Sitka local. As for myself, I’ve been playing the mandolin for four years, and looked forward to bringing out my instrument and joining the small jam session.

Fisherman and Musicians, Playing an ad hoc concert in Sitka, Alaska

A small informal music night turned into the main entertainment of the evening on the front lawn.

The evening was warm and sunny, and white lawn chairs were scattered around, everyone ready to listen to some music. As the three of us started playing and singing, various people from the harbor stopped by to listen for awhile. At the end of a song, one of our audience members pulled a harmonica out of his pocket and asked if he could join in. We welcomed him with open arms, and even offered him another harmonica so we could all play in the same key. One song later, a girl rode up on her bike, a viola on her back. Then another guy pulled out some spoons, to help keep the rhythm, and someone else brought another guitar, and someone else showed up with a violin.

It was a completely impromptu group, none of whom had ever played music together. But it all jelled together. It sounded beautiful and was an incredible amount of fun. Everyone—clients, staff, and locals—enjoyed relaxing to the sounds of music floating through the air, until the evening light faded to dusk, and it was time to get some sleep to prepare for the next day of fishing.

Written by Evelyn, marketing and Catch of the Day gal.

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