New Fuel Dock!

Petro Station in Sitka, Alaska

Yesterday lines were packed at the fuel pumps as the Sitka Fuel Dock hosted its grand opening. Petro Fuels wanted to give a little something back to the community while also promoting their brand new fuel dock. To celebrate the occasion they offered .25 cents off every gallon of gas which brought the price down to $4.10 per gallon of regular. This exclusive offer for a reduced price on fuel was available only at the Petro Express Station located at 614 Katlain Street.

The reduced prices created quite a stir as customers lined up at every pump and cars spilled onto the street and at times were blocking traffic for several minutes at a time. The people were still polite despite the lines. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to have several locals make small talk with me while waiting our turn. One lady encouraged me to say hello to her dog “Koi”, who was more than happy to accommodate any extra attention directed her way. I even spotted several people carrying small gas cans into the station to have them filled as well. Despite the commotion and sheer volume of people, it appeared that no one was in a huge rush.

Reduced gas wasn’t the only special of the day. The car wash was offered at half price-which (according to one gas station attendant) can be redeemed anytime within the next 30 days. In addition to the reduced car washes for everyone, Petro Fuels wanted to express their appreciation by offering veterans a free car wash.

That would have been enough by itself to drive in customers, but that wasn’t all Petro Fuels had planned for the day. Besides the reduced gas and car wash prices, there was more excitement to be had between 11am and 2pm. There were raffles hosted every half hour for $50 Petro Marine gift certificates. There was also a drawing for a rifle, ipad and many other freebies. To top everything off they offered refreshments including free hotdogs, chips, and drinks were also available. Like most of the locals, I am looking forward to more of these summer events!

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