New season, same great service!

It’s the start of our 22nd season here at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. The staff arrives in small bursts, and those who are here are bustling around to prepare the lodge for the season. Vehicles are being fine-tuned, rooms are being detailed and prepped for the summer, and the captains are arriving and inspecting their boats for the water.

The weather is being typical with rain showers that get the outside crew wet, but they don’t mind too much. They are too busy concentrating on making sure the boats are 100 percent ready to ensure the clients have a successful fishing trip out on the water each day.

Getting the boats out of winter storage

Getting the boats out of winter storage

The staff receive their daily assignments and learn tasks they will be doing throughout the season. It is important for everyone to learn the ropes to make the lodge function smoothly.

For the entire month of May we have a 20% Buddy Special going on. You and your “buddy” can each save 20% off the price of your May fishing vacation. Check out our rates page on our website or contact us to find out more details. Also, during the month of May only there is a two King Salmon daily bag limit and a five King Salmon annual limit for the 2011 season.

We look forward to seeing everyone this summer, and hope that your stay will be the best that it can be! Let us know if we can do anything better to make your vacation more successful…

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