Our Clamming Adventure

Our Clamming Adventure Sitka AlaskaOur Clamming Adventure (Dictated by Kiana Belcher)

Clamming is always a fun adventure. So when it was time to get up at 6am, I was already wide awake and bushy-tailed. After a delicious breakfast I couldn’t finish, we decided it was time to round up all the gear necessary for our trip. Clam shovels, buckets, and of course life jackets were loaded. I knew dad wouldn’t forget to pack the lunch, but I had to double check to make sure we didn’t leave the donuts behind! I spied the box and peering inside I saw not only chocolate and sprinkle varieties, but maple bacon bars as well. Pleased with the contents of that box, I helped load the rest of the gear and we headed out.

The water was quite calm this morning which was a good thing as two of us on board have a tendency to get sea sick rather easily. In addition to dad and my sister, we had seven other passengers; five people and two dogs. The ride from the boat launch to Clam Beach took about a half hour. As we slowed to beach on the gritty sand, I couldn’t help but notice all abundance of clamshells and seaweed that were everywhere! It wasn’t long before we had unloaded the equipment and started picking out ideal places to dig. Every dig spot was like striking gold! There seemed to be at least 30 clams in each hole. Some clams had some decent size. One particular hole that my dad had picked had over 100 clams in it! I guess he really knew what he was doing!

I started getting hungry again and couldn’t help but think of the donuts waiting for us back on the boat. It wasn’t long before I had devoured two and a half…and my sister had three! When it comes to sugar, I am always sure to make room regardless of how big or recently I have eaten a meal. During a trip to the boat (for my third donut), I leaned over the rail and spotted a beautiful sun starfish which had like 20 arms. It was electric green in color and only about five feet under the surface. I wish I had had a camera with me. As we began loading up, we spied Shaq sneaking into the cabin and being quite the scavenger. Much to my dismay, he managed to sneak the last donut from the donut box. Of course it was my favorite too: a maple bacon bar!

After clamming we began to head back. I had forgotten to bring my waterproof jacket so not only did the sand grit stick to me, but the wind on the ride back with a slightly wet jacket was less than ideal. Still, there was more than enough scenery to distract me and make up for the cold.

After we returned to the harbor, we began unloading the boat. Mother had expected us to return with about three buckets full of clams. We had a surprise for her! We ended up with over seven buckets of clams! I can only guess it being over a thousand clams, but I wasn’t about to take the time to count them all. We lined up for a group picture to show off our bounty. Right after we heard a scream! As we approached the dock on the high side, Chinook (the other dog), had fallen off the boat and into the water. Normally this wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but this dog was fairly sizeable; and 14 years old. She was unable to get herself back up and was even having trouble staying afloat. Acting quickly, Jack (one of the deckhands from APC), stretched himself out flat on the deck on his belly and grabbed the dogs harness, pulling it out of the water and back to safety. While it was a good reminder that we still needed to be careful even on the docks, it still ended up being a pretty exciting day!

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