Wild Strawberry Lodge PictureThe Wild Strawberry Lodge got a considerable facelift earlier this year. We are always trying to better the facilities and experience here at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. Part of ramping up for the busy fishing season is to make sure that the guests have impeccable rooms to stay in during their visit. Over the past 23 years the success and reputation here has grown and we have looked to continue to ensure and even improve upon the overall experience. We look to provide the best comfort possible for your stay. For returning guests, we can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised by the upgrades!

New Rooms at Wild Strawberry Lodge / Alaska Premier Charters, Inc.Most employees here have brought a variety of previous job skills to their positions. Many of these include some form of carpentry which is essential in making sure that every room is in pristine condition. In addition to general maintenance, this past winter was considerably busier. This year all the guest rooms got brand new paint and new décor. The rooms are colored a delightful light pastel with a nice trim mural that touches up the wall quite nicely. In the Eagle Room, it’s a light blue with other colors to accent. In other rooms, it ranges from a golden brown to a tasteful maroon color. But the paint was just the beginning. The guest rooms got brand new high quality carpet and most of the rooms also got brand new mattresses. To finish it off, all the rooms also received curtains and drapes to tastefully accent the room in a consistent fashion.

Another photo of our New Rooms at Wild Strawberry Lodge / Alaska Premier Charters, Inc.While every part of the room adds to the experience, the bathrooms were the recipient of the most attention. Every sink and mirror was updated to a classy new look that blends well with the new vanities. In addition, every bathroom is now equipped with wall-mounted hair drier, chrome finish towel racks, safety handrails for the shower, and brand new fixtures.

New Bathroom at Wild Strawberry Lodge / Alaska Premier Charters, Inc.Future plans include the extension of our current oyster deck and a brand new building to accommodate more guests. The new guest building will have five rooms with one that will be completely handicap accessible. We are excited about the progress and hope to have this open by mid-July. The oyster deck will be about three times the current size and will cover the newly installed walk in freezers. Eventually plans include not only a railing, but a roof and enclosed with glass to maintain the excellent visibility over the harbor while protecting you from the elements! Ideas to possibly include a mini-bar and other amenities are being tossed around as we are trying to make this what the guests want. Feel free to email suggestions!

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