The Perfect Vacation

Jeff Netting a Salmon in Sitka, AlaskaI always know I’ve had a great trip when I return home happily exhausted, missing my vacation friends and family and, of course, despising my first week, “back in the grind.” Just returning from Sitka, Alaska, I knew I’d just had a perfect vacation.

A perfect vacation always includes excellent fishing.

I consider myself lucky to frequent Alaska Premier Charters. Being out on a fishing boat is relaxing to me for many reasons. First and foremost, I’m out in the Pacific Ocean, where there is no cell phone coverage, no WiFi and no need to wear a watch. I am literally cut off from communicating with the outside world and there is nothing that can potentially ruin my relaxing getaway. The fishing itself is calming to me, because it clears my mind of everything unrelated to the goal of hooking into a big King or brag-worthy, triple digit Hali. Lastly, it’s nice to catch up with my friends and family over a year’s worth of stories that I sometimes take for granted when life takes over.

Sitka, Alaska offers countless breathtaking views

Sitka itself is surreal in its natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly people. I’ve often referred to it as “my second home,” and the APC staff as my “Alaskan Family.” Every year, I find myself taking the same pictures of Sitka Harbor, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Mt. Edgecumbe and the Pioneer’s House. Although these are very familiar to me, I’m still enamored over the beauty and history that Sitka has to offer. Then there are the “must-do’s”, like going out to the P-bar. This is a tradition for no other reason than that I’ve always accompanied my vacation companions for a few drinks and reminiscing over the day’s catch.

I’ve shared the better part of a decade building life-long friendships with the staff of Alaska Premier Charters and really value the time that I do get to spend in a “tea time” manner. My only regret about fishing in Sitka with APC is that I always feel like I have to leave too soon. However, that has always given me plenty of motivation to make my vacation plans for the next year.

Best Fishing In Sitka Boat

There’s nothing like fishing to make your day complete.

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon, a few days after getting back from Sitka and am feeling very relaxed, “homesick” and not looking forward to kicking off a new work week. I’m also counting my blessings as I am very fortunate to have my annual getaway to Sitka and, although brief, another fun visit with my Alaskan Family.

Written by Jeremy ~ Fishing Client and Webmaster

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