Our Captains

Mike WhiteCaptain Mike White ~ JACKPOT

There is no question that Mike is a fishing veteran, as he has been a captain for 25+ years. He has been a year-round resident of Sitka for many years and has extensive knowledge and great respect for the local waters. Mike is one heck of a salmon fisherman and great at sharing his knowledge with anyone who comes aboard his vessel. Fishing with Mike is bound to make you want to come back time and time again.

Captain Johnny and the high roller in Sitka AlaskaCaptain Juan “Johnny Rockfish” Belcher ~ HIGH ROLLER

Johnny has been one with the sea for as long as anyone can remember. Starting as a commercial diver at age 14, and eventually moving on to Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. in 1996, Johnny rarely seems to leave the water. Johnny has also been a commercial halibut long-liner for over 10 years, which has given him ample experience in the migration and distribution patterns of halibut. As all-time winner of the McGyver award, and with his natural flair for good fishing stories and non-stop entertainment, fishing with Johnny is a unique experience.

Captain Jeff ChingCaptain Jeff Ching ~ FULL HOUSE

Jeff was born and raised in the Seattle area and is a graduate of Washington State University. He came to Sitka in 1997 as a deckhand and became a skipper in 2000. Jeff has a great passion for fishing and the ocean. His proven angling techniques, his easy-going nature, and his abundant knowledge of the history of the area make for a memorable experience for all who have the pleasure of fishing with him. Fishing with Jeff guarantees a wonderful and relaxing fishing vacation.

Captain Greg TrevarthenCaptain Greg Trevarthen ~ TRIPLE PLAY

Greg is known around the lodge as “G-Money” and has been fishing in Sitka for many seasons. Greg joined forces with Alaska Premier Charters in 1999. His knowledge of the area makes him one of the greats when it comes to finding the best King Salmon in the sea. Greg has put three clients on top of the derby-winning King Salmon, most recently in June 2008. He is personable, easy-going, levelheaded, and has a keen instinct when it comes to finding that special fish. He has developed “the gene” and uses it to his advantage.

Captain Levi TormanenCaptain Levi Tormanen ~ CHECKMATE

Levi was born and raised in a small town in the Upper Midwest and enjoys the outdoors all year round. He came to Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. as an enthusiastic deckhand in the summer or 2007. He is exceptional at catering to his client’s needs and has a passion for always looking to expand his knowledge of the local fishing waters. He has already made a name for himself by finding the fish and getting the job done in an exemplary manner.

Captain Dylan Haapala in Sitka Alaska Captain Dylan Haapala ~ BINGO

Dylan grew up in central Minnesota and has always loved seeking the thrill of reeling in a big fish. He spent countless hours on the water in the summertime and drilling fishing holes in the ice during the winter months. In 2008 Dylan spent started out as a deckhand at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. Since then he has become a captain and has continued to sharpen his skills landing fish and catering to clients. Dylan loves seeing happy clients on his boat and fish in the cooler.

Captain Jack MarxCaptain Jack Marx ~ BANKROLL

Jack was born and raised in rural central Wisconsin and graduated from nearby University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. His passion for the outdoors began at a young age chasing walleye, musky and whitetail deer on the family farm. Jack came to Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. in the summer of 2012 and has refined his fishing skills in the past as a deckhand learning the ins and outs of the waters of Sitka. His constant attention to detail combined with his top of line customer service, ensure for a memorable and productive trip that you will not soon forget!