07-28-2018 Fantastic coho limits for everyone!

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Too Many Sights for Two Eyes

I just recently went out on my first full-length fishing expedition on the open water of the Pacific, courtesy of Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. Of course, it was worrisome for me considering I tend to over think the large sea dwelling creatures below me and get very paranoid about deep water in general. It also…

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The Clock of Sitka

The tree overhanging the processing room is always burdened by ravens and eagles that sit overlooking the harbor. I find myself watching them every time I pass a window on that side of the lodge; for someone who’d never seen one before arriving in Alaska, they are really interesting creatures…

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Wildlife Encounters

It’s a wonderful day here at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. and the boats are out fishing for the day. We are excited to hear about their adventures at dinner this evening. The wildlife has been quite active lately, which makes for an even better fishing experience! A few days ago on one of our vessels…

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Wildlife Tour of Sitka from the Water

One of our captains has recently been helping out a Sitka wildlife tour operator by giving joint tours on one of our boats. It’s not uncommon for the various charter boat operators here in Sitka to help one another out if problems arise. In this case, the wildlife tour company’s boat was in the shop…

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