New 2011 Halibut Release Awards

Halibut Release Achievement Award for anglers who catch and release 100+ pound halibutFor 2011 we have a new awards program going on all summer long here at Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. There are new regulations preventing guided anglers in Southeast Alaska from retaining any halibut over 37 inches on charter fishing trips. We don’t want this to dampen your spirits while fishing on the great Pacific Ocean during your stay with us. To recognize the anglers who do hook large halibut, we have a new program for those who release 100 pound plus size halibut.

It’s called the Halibut Release Achievement Award. Any of our clients who catch a halibut over 100 pounds becomes a proud owner of an angling achievement award PLUS a gift certificate worth $200 that is redeemable on a future fishing trip with us! This makes it even easier for you to enjoy your vacation and look forward to your next one.

$200 off a future fishing trip coupon

$200 off a future fishing trip coupon

So congratulations to those of you who have already acquired your certificates, and we are sure there will be more to come. This is just another way for us to say thank you for your great loyalty to Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. and the Wild Strawberry Lodge.

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